New Census Mobile App to Feature BEA Data

Want to keep tabs on the latest gross domestic product data while waiting for lunch? A new mobile app from the Census Bureau puts live access to key economic indicators at your fingertips. It’s the perfect tool for geeking out on the go.

The America’s Economy app, available today for Android smartphones in the Google Play Store, combines real-time access to 16 closely watched economic indicators from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), and the Census Bureau. Among the indicators available through the app are gross domestic product, consumer spending, disposable personal income, and the U.S. international trade balance.

This is the first mobile app to feature real-time statistics from the three primary U.S. economic statistical agencies. With the ability to review recent economic trends, browse upcoming data releases, and set alerts for key indicators, this app allows you to keep up with the U.S. economy anywhere you go.

America’s Economy features three data series from the Bureau of Economic Analysis:
• Gross domestic product
• Personal income and outlays
• International trade in goods and services (joint release with Census)

Other featured indicators include:
• Advance monthly retail sales (Census)
• New residential construction (Census)
• New residential sales (Census)
• Construction spending (Census)
• Advance report durable goods (Census)
• Business inventories (Census)
• Manufacturers’ goods (Census)
• Monthly wholesale (Census)
• Homeownership rate (Census)
• Quarterly Services Survey (Census)
• Quarterly financial report—retail trade (Census)
• Quarterly financial report—manufacturing (Census)
• Unemployment rate (BLS)

Looking for even more data? Check out the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis’ FRED (Federal Reserve Economic Database) app, the mobile version of the bank’s signature database. The FRED mobile app provides access to nearly 42,000 data economic series from 38 regional, national, and economic sources. It is available for Android and iPhone.

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