Detailed Direct Investment Data for 2014 Now Available

Detailed statistics on U.S. direct investment abroad – or “outward direct investment”– and on foreign direct investment in the United States – or “inward direct investment” are now available on BEA’s website.

Preliminary direct investment statistics are available for 2014 and revised statistics for 2012 and 2013. These data are now incorporated into the Bureau of Economic Analysis’ new data tool, International Trade and Investment Country Facts, as well as our interactive data tables.

These newly released statistics provide comprehensive data on direct investment for selected countries on financial transactions, equity, debt instruments, reinvestment of earnings, and income by major industry. Statistics are also now available for positions, financial transactions, and income for all countries and for all industries. For inward direct investment, supplementary statistics classified by country of the ultimate beneficial owner are also now available.

An upcoming article in the September Survey of Current Business will present these statistics as well as additional statistics, such as reinvestment ratios, rates of return, and, for outward direct investment, position and income data classified by the industry of the U.S. parent.

Chart 3 US Direct Investment July 31

Chart 7 July 31

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