June 2017 Trade Gap is $43.6 Billion

The U.S. monthly international trade deficit decreased in June 2017 according to the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis and the U.S. Census Bureau. The deficit decreased from $46.4 billion in May (revised) to $43.6 billion in June, as exports increased and imports decreased. The previously published May deficit was $46.5 billion. The goods deficit decreased $2.1 billion in June to $65.2 billion. The services surplus increased $0.6 billion in June to $21.6 billion.

Balance on Goods and Services Trade Aug 4 17

Exports of goods and services increased $2.4 billion, or 1.2 percent, in June to $194.4 billion. Exports of goods increased $1.7 billion and exports of services increased $0.6 billion.

  • The increase in exports of goods mostly reflected increases in capital goods ($0.8 billion), in foods, feeds, and beverages ($0.7 billion), and in automotive vehicles, parts, and engines ($0.4 billion). A decrease in consumer goods($0.3 billion) partly offset the increases.
  • The increase in exports of services mostly reflected increases in travel (for all purposes including education) ($0.3 billion), in transport ($0.1 billion), which includes freight and port services and passenger fares, and in financial services($0.1 billion).

Imports of goods and services decreased $0.4 billion, or 0.2 percent, in June to $238.0 billion. Imports of goods decreased $0.4 billion and imports of services were nearly unchanged at $43.8 billion.

  • The decrease in imports of goods mostly reflected decreases in industrial supplies and materials ($1.1 billion) and in consumer goods ($0.7 billion). An increase in automotive vehicles, parts, and engines ($1.0 billion) partly offset the decreases.
  • Imports of services were nearly unchanged, reflecting small and offsetting changes across categories.

For more information, read the full report.

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